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Jewels inspired to the famous neapolitan island. Majolicas, Faraglioni and beautiful views: Capri is a gift of nature set in the gulf of Naples.This collection is a tribute to the most beautiful island, a line of jewels in 925 silver or gold plated metal,  embellished with crystals, polish or zircons, and with the beauty of Capri on a lot of wonderful pendants.

“La campanella di Capri”, the good luck jewel to be presented to those who you consider really special.

Many people know about the “Campanella di Capri”, but not anyone knows that, behind this precious good luck jewel, there’s an ancient legend, the little bell of St. Michael one…

Once there was a poor shepherd boy living in Capri he only had a hut to share with his widow mother and a little sheep he used to lead to graze on the slopes of mount Solaro. One evening, the boy stopped to pick flowers and when he turned to call the sheep he did not see it.

Anguish gripped his heart. What would become of him and his mother?

At that moment he thought he heard a feeble distant sound of bells and thinking it was the sound of the bell that his sheep had around the neck, lunged in that direction till he reached the brink of a ravine.

Here a sudden light stopped the poor boy. St Michael appeared wrapped in a blaze of gold, shining on his white horse.

“My boy” said the saint taking o from the neck a little bell that hung from his chest “take it and always follow it sound, it will save you from danger”. The shepherd boy, trembling with excitement and joy, brought the gift to his mother wrapped in a green handkerchief.

Since that day his whole life was full of goodness and happiness and every earthy desire was fulfilled. On the site of the apparition was built a villa called San Michele. The miraculous little bell as a tiny lucky charm will be your talisman of luck and success."


On the place of the apparition of the saint, it was built Villa San Michele, now known all over the world.


Since that moment the Campanella of Capri is symbol of good luck and happiness and, according to the legend, this jewel should be presented to those people who you consider special because, at every ring of the little bell, every desire will come true.

Bracciale in Metallo con campanella e fiori rosa e bianchiBracciale in Metallo
CAPRIMetal bracelet with bell and...
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Anello in Metallo campanella capri con fioriAnello in Metallo campanella capri con fiori
CAPRIBell capri metal ring with...
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