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Bysimon Company

BYSIMON Enjoy Luxury was born in Naples in 1970. We began designing jewelry in silver and learned to work with technical precision and creative insight. We grew up together with our art and over time we have learned how to combine tradition and technology, shapes and colors, materials and design.With this wealth of experience we look to our past with tender emotion. We emphasize the quality, reliability, elegance and efficiency of our work, by remaining true to our original passion that looks to the future with the tenderness of a child. Quality and dynamism are the guiding principles of Bysimon. Our daily commitment to our work guarantees maximum satisfaction to our customers. At Bysimon, quality is achieved through the perfect balance of product, price and service and it's based on the four cornerstones of distinctive style, unique products, advanced corporate concept and timely service. 


gioielli made in italy


43 years of designing, developing and refining jewelry and lifestyle accessory collections is our simple story.The team of unique individuals pool their talents to consciously co-create objects of beauty, quality and desire. Therefore, BYS jewels spring up from high tech Design and Made in Italy Handicraft imprint. We specialize in supporting creative entities through every step of jewelery creation, from the first conceptual sketches, along the path of prototyping,refining, production, finishing,quality control to presentation. All the staff carefully chooses raw materials,ensuring high performance standards of production.The designers will have any projectable hypothesis translated into drawings, while the production manager is appraising all technical details and selecting, testing and stressing the likely materials.Therefore, only best quality will be considered for final production. The prototype deriving from such an activity represents the model for the mass production. A lot of BYSIMON jewellery is stillhand-made, many steps such as the polishing, are committed to the experienced artisans,reducing environmental impact of productions.


vicenzaoro bysimon
We do love nothing but playing and amusing ourselves while working day by day. We do joke but we never lose our seriousness and professionalism. By Simon philosophy is Enjoy luxury.We are proud to observe that our jewel collections are always innovative and inspiring themselves to new fashion tendencies - if you dare to dream anything is possible...Therefore, we gave birth to our precious mascot : a gorgeous Vespa 50 special in silver with 800 natural stone set.The motorcycle is our special testimonial. But we pay attention, we don’t forget the past, our personal story as well as our entrepreneurial growth.A lovely, small boutique furnished with care and managed with parsimony and dedication gave birth to BYS story, an old one, which tells of best practice, marketing & communication, publicity, software and instrumentation, technological innovation, nets and high quality standard but it’s thus a story that respects and celebrates its origins, the slow improvements, the difficult goals.We’re not ignoring simple things, ancient flavours, the handicraft tradition, the story of a Neapolitan small jewellery shop......deeply essential to those values we keep uncorrupted in BYS DNA.
tari marcianise bysimon

BYSIMON show space it’s a cosy and homey space to look at, to admire and choice all collections. An entirely dedicated area concerning showcases, ordering counter and Administration office to Administration office to speed up ordering and delivery processes.Whenever you will come at BYS’ lounge all the corporate team will pay attention and take care of you and A your needs. BYSIMON show space is not just a store but a meeting place, a relationship centre, a region full of ideas and contaminations, an area where the jewel is sovereign .BYSIMON periodically displays during the most important jewel fair saloons and finds its natural location inside“IlTarì”Consortium,one of the greatest European Goldsmith Centre placed i n the south of Italy, conjugating technological innovation with training and creativeness with handicraft tradition with advanced research.


In anteprima assoluta le nuove collezioni Amo Venezia